BSIS Security Training

BSIS Exposed Firearms $199.00

Initial application includes up to 3-Calibers at no additional charge. 

This permit authorizes you to carry an exposed firearm while on duty and in uniform. This is a two day class consisting of one 8-hr day in the classroom and one 6-hr day at the range.

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BSIS Re-Qualification $60.00

You are required to  Requalify twice per year with each caliber on your permit. Qualifying has to be a minimum of 4-months apart but no more than 6-months apart. 

Re Qualification are $60.00 for the first caliber and $20.00 for each additional caliber. 

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BSIS Guard Card $199.00

In California you are required to have a GUARD CARD issued by BSIS before working as a private security officer. You need to have a minimum of 8-hours of training that includes powers to arrest and weapons of mass destruction before you work as a security officer. 

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BSIS Training Dates

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